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Transportation from America

Csomagküldés és fogadás

Send and receive package

The goods must be delivered to the premises of one of our warehouses. Depending on the nature of the goods, this can be done by mail or by means of a shipping solution (eg. car transport), possibly in person or through a mandate.

The goods will be registered here and will be placed in the next container to Hungary after customs procedures. It can be received in Budapest at our customs office in Száva utca. If needed, we ship to Hungary or ship it to your home.

If you are transporting more goods, or for example, a complete household, you should be packed so that things do not get damaged during transportation. If needed, our partners will also take this weight off your shoulder. They go to the house, they wrap, pack and ship. If you have to collect packets from multiple locations, we'll fix it too.

After the arrival to Hungary, if you or your mandatory can only pick up the packages later, we also provide storage facilities.

Packaging and storage

Csomagolás és raktározás


  • the private individual who has been living abroad for more than one year or more

  • (REQUIRED: Employer's certificate or tax returns, rent or sub-lease contracts, utility bills, proof of termination of bank account and utility services, flight and departure travel documents, other documents upon request - as much as possible)

  • all goods (but mainly vehicles) must be owned by the owner for at least 6 months (both counted from the date of departure of the return journey and the container), all items must be USED

  • for vehicles, the title or registration and insurance slip required for the repatriate (issued 6 months earlier!), these must be shown in the previous paragraph and must therefore be in original condition - therefore no documents should be loaded into the container!

  • when returning a person (family), he can only bring one vehicle, ie one car, one engine, one vessel, one airplane tax-free

  • no commercial amount can be imported free of duty (eg 10 TVs or similar quantities)

  • a US license, a passport, a green card or a visa is needed, this must be shown


You need to have a registered address in Hungary (address card) - You must sign in to a home address within 3 workdays of your return home and ask for an address card for this address

IMPORTANT: If your status and name have changed since your departure (divorce, marriage, widowhood), you must also modify it at the Hungarian authorities so that the official administration in Hungary should be started at least two months before the arrival of the container (!) and you must have an address card when they arrive.


  • Hungarian Tax Card (Tax Certificate) and ID Card or Passport is required - immediately after arrival

  • detailed bilingual (!) pallets are also required, with all the movable items corresponding to the number and weight declared on the ship deck. The license plate must be signed and deposited on all pages by the supplier and import customs clearance agent, preferably before loading, but no later than the start of the ship

  • a declaration of value is absolutely necessary, also signed (can be written along with a list) with item value per item and exact designation (chassis number, type, manufacturer, etc.) to the supplier and import customs clearance after loading



  • for excise goods (alcohol and tobacco products)

  • (their delivery is officially reported to both the US and the EU, so please do not load any food)

  • special tools

  • excluded products (weapons, medicines, etc.)



  • All vehicles must be nationalized within 30 days of the customs procedure and can not be driven by an U.S. license only during the administration, and only with international mandatory insurance ("European Green Card").

  • all duty-free vehicles with repatriation must be placed on the market (registration tax is to be paid according to current legislation)!

  • all property and duty-free assets can not be borrowed and can not be sold for 12 months after the customs procedure, if you sell the goods, you will have to pay the customs duty and the VAT to the tax authorities.


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